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Family Dentistry

Located conveniently by Bethesda Metro Station and right by major highway I-495, our office has parking accessible right behind the building. Our newlyrenovated lobby features ample seating, tropical fish, and a welcoming staff ready to answer all your questions!

From private treatment rooms to fun tropical fish tanks, we want you to feel comfortable during your visit to our office. We offer you amenities such as popular magazines and children’s books, freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate, and complimentary wifi to ensure you are relaxed and at-ease.

Our private treatment rooms have televisions on the ceiling for your child to watch popular children’s shows and movies during their appointments. After your child’s appointment we have a treasure box in each room for your child to choose their prize from! Private treatment rooms also allow undivided attention and confidentiality during your orthodontic appointments.

We have an assortment of fun games, toys, and plush animals to facilitate a fun and welcoming experience for your child and our younger patients.

Our Staff

The staff at Bethesda Dental Specialties is composed of an experienced pediatric dentist, a skilled orthodontist, and number of dental hygienists and assistants who care about your child and their dental health. We cultivate an environment of friendliness, professionalism, and even fun, so that your family attains necessary dental care without fearing the dentist’s office in the future. Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to meeting your needs with exceptional, compassionate care.

Office Policies for Dental Insurance

We are happy to assist you with filing dental insurance claims as a courtesy. Although no dental policy pays 100% of costs for all procedures, many insurance providers offer significant benefits. However, please know that we are not responsible for how your specific insurance company handles claims and the particular benefits they offer. Please be familiar with what your insurance company will cover, and any deductibles or co-payments that you are responsible for. Also, please let us know of any insurance changes such as insurance company, address, policy name, or a change of employment.

Financial Information

Our practice is sensitive to your financial obligations, that’s why we offer a number of options to help meet your needs.

  • We accept a number of dental insurance plans
  • We offer a Pre-Payment Discount for single payments made in full
  • Customized Payment Plans – we can customize a payment plan based on the treatment needed. An initial fee followed by 0% interest monthly payments can help you spread the payment for your treatment over a longer period of time. We also accept payment by automatic monthly bank debit or credit card draft.
  • Medical Flex Spending Accounts – payment plans can be coordinated with your medical flex spending accounts.
  • Third-Party Financing – Chase Health Advance is one of the most widely-used healthcare finance companies, and offers an array of options to spread the cost of your procedure over time. These include extended payment plans and 0% financing with no initial payment. All payment plans subject to approval. For more information and pre-approval, please visit www.chasehealthadvance.com.


If you would like more information please contact us today. We look forward to answering your questions.

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