Straight Teeth Faster? Say It Isn’t So!

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Quick and straight smiles are here!

Most of the time when you commit to orthodontics, you tell yourself that it is going to be at least two years. Right? Wrong! With all the new technology that is available today, you can get straight teeth in a much shorter time than ever before. There are different options that you have if you want a shorter treatment time. Teeth can be moved by gentle vibrations, micro-perforations, or even near infra-red light! Sounds crazy, but it is completely possible!

So, how exactly do teeth move faster with any of the above options?


Accelerated treatment by AcceleDentAcceleDent Aura utilizes micropulses, or vibrations, to speed up bone movement in the mouth. Your teeth can be shifted by up to 50% faster! Their SoftPulse Technology® is easy to use, and can be used at home. AcceleDent is used with your orthodontic treatment (Invisalign or braces) for safe acceleration of teeth.


Propel offers two different ways to speed up your treatment time. This is accomplished by BOTH gentle vibrations and micro-perforations. Both of Propel’s innovative devices allow use with either braces or aligners, and can shorten your treatment time by 60%!

Similar to AcceleDent, Propel offers orthodontic technology that uses gentle vibrations to accelerate treatment time. There is very little discomfort when using this system, and is an at-home treatment, making this option very convenient.

The other option from Propel uniquely employs is its micro-perforation device. We compare this to acupuncture for the teeth, thereby you can think of it as “dental acupuncture.” This in-office procedure is completed by the orthodontist and is quick, easy, and has no recovery time! The micro-perforations are strategically placed around the mouth or in problematic areas. By placing exact force on the teeth and around the root of the tooth, pressure is caused, therefore enabling tooth movement.


Light Accelerated Smiles™ by OrthoPulse offer shortened time in aligners or braces by using low levels of light energy. The bones around your teeth are stimulated by this light to move the roots faster. This device takes only 10 minutes of your daily time – super fast! This type of technology may be new to orthodontics, but has been used clinically in medicine for over six decades.

Orthodontic technology has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. Let us know if you are interested in speeding up treatment time, and click here for our easy download PDF on highlights of each option!

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