Clear Aligners ages 7 to 77

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Clear Aligners Is Easy And Effective! We have had patients of all ages, from kiddos to seniors. First, we do a digital scan of your teeth, allowing us to create your treatment plan. We take each and every individual case and carefully make your orthodontic treatment on software from Clear Aligners, and send it to a lab to create your aligners. This treatment plan shows every micro-movement that your teeth undergo as well as the final results at the end of your treatment. Each shift is a precise movement that better positions your teeth to be perfectly straight!

Unlike braces, which are directly bonded to your teeth, the Clear Liners process involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners, custom-created for your teeth and treatment. Dependent on your tooth movement, you wear an aligner for 7 to 14 days before moving onto a subsequent one. Each aligner has been uniquely customized for micro-movements of your teeth, resulting in a beautiful, straight smile!

Bethesda - Dental Moniroing Apps

We used Super App DentalMonitoring to track every micro-movement of your teeth. With the DentalMonitoring app, you can securely send photos of your teeth and communicate with your practice from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. With time-lapse photo technology, you can track the progress of your treatment over time. It demonstrates how your teeth are progressing toward your objective.

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