Jaw Orthopedics

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Orthodontics uses mobile and fixed devices to rectify tooth sequence problems caused by a variety of factors; jaw orthopedics includes orthodontic treatments that correct the incompatibility of the lower and upper jaws with each other or with the face.

Because of technological advancements, both therapies can now be used on adults as well as children.

Fixed devices (by attaching braces and wires) or clear plates that may be inserted and removed in milder cases can be used to rectify problems such as irregular tooth rows, crowding due to lack of space, and teeth settling in a different position due to various eruption diseases.
These procedures typically take 3-4 months if the disease involves one or two teeth, and 18-24 months if the number of teeth is greater.

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Orthopedic abnormalities involving the jawbones, such as the upper or lower jaw being too far forward/backward and the anterior opening, are treated in youngsters by the use of various headgear and face masks. These therapies can take years.

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