Fabian LeonDental hygienist

    Fabian Leon

    Fabian loves his work at Bethesda Dental. His primary responsibilities include applying sealants and fluoride treatments. He is also instrumental in educating patients about preventing dental problems and answering any questions they have.

    Fabian enjoys getting to know each and every patient that comes through the dental clinic. He loves seeing their smiles and believes that each one is worth 1,000 words. Teaching brushing and flossing techniques is very rewarding and spending time with patients to teach them these techniques allows him to get to know each of them better.

    Fabian also loves working with the Spanish-speaking patients at Bethesda Dental. He is fluent in Spanish, and often, patients prefer to communicate in their native language to make sure that they understand everything completely. Fabian loves to talk to Spanish-speaking patients and see how much they appreciate having someone who understands them.

    If Fabian could have any superpower, he would want the power to fly; it would mean that he would never have to be stuck in traffic ever again.