Gigi SediqDental hygienist

    Gigi Sediq

    Bethesda Dental hygienist Gigi Sediq loves helping people with their smiles because of the joy that they get when they look in the mirror and see a glowing white perfect teeth.

    As a dental hygienist, Gigi is responsible for removing plaque, and it is more evolved form, calculus, from teeth. She is also an expert in preventative dental treatments. She enjoys coming to work every day and sitting with patients to assess their oral health, screen them and take X-ray pictures of their teeth. Her job is to make visits as smooth and as pleasant as possible. 

    Gigi’s favorite part of working with patients is the opportunity to make each visit to Bethesda special. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, helping patients have great oral health for life.

    If Gigi woke up tomorrow with any superpower, she would want to be able to make it rain instantly. In her country, rain is pretty rare, and she would love the ability to call in the showers and put the rainbow in the sky whenever she wanted!

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