Michaw Morris, Treatment CoordinatorTreatment Coordinator

    Michaw Morris

    I am the Treatment Coordinator – I see all new patients for orthodontic treatment during their consultation and help educate them on orthodontics. During the consultation, I answer questions and help plan your treatment.

    What is one thing you did not know about orthodontics until you started working here?

    I didn’t know how powerful Invisalign was until I started working here!

    What superpower would you have if you could have any?

    I would like some type of healing power to save all the tortured and abused animals in this world!  Or, I would like to have some type of power to teach humans to be more compassionate.

    3 of Mich’s favorite things

    Eating!! My favorite types of food are Japanese, Mexican, and Burmese. I also love traveling, and I am a huge animal advocate. Seeing animals in their own habitat is my favorite part.