Rosalind Sinoro, Clinical ExpertClinical Expert

    Rosalind Sinoro

    I am an Orthodontic Assistant/Clinical Expert, and I do a lot!I take diagnostic records (which includes scanning, taking panoramic/ceph x-rays, and clinical photos), submit Invisalign cases, design and fabricate retainers, bond attachments, and perform IPR!

    What is one thing you did not know about orthodontics until you started working here?

    I did not know how amazing and advanced the technology for Invisalign was!

    What superpower would you have if you could have any? 

    I would want the power to do anything that I want!

    3 of Rosalind’s favorite things

    I am from the Philippines, and my favorite food is Filipino food! I also like to learn how to fix things at home, and watching TV.