Keep your new smile–forever!

Now that you’ve had your braces removed or you’ve disposed of your final Invisalign tray, your orthodontic treatment is done—almost!

Teeth are constantly moving and without something holding them in place, your teeth may eventually shift back to their old alignment! We recommend wearing retainers post-treatment, to best ensure your teeth stay straight. The length of time you should wear your retainers can vary on your unique tooth movement, but the best way to gauge if you are wearing them enough is if they are able to fit easily. This may be 20-22 hours a day, or just at night, while you are asleep.

There are many types of retainers, and there are a couple differences for each one:

Fixed retainers

Also known as bonded retainers, fixed retainers basically consist of a single wire glued to the back sides of your front four to six teeth. These retainers can be either on the upper or lower jaws, or both. Because fixed retainers are simply a wire, they are lightweight and discreet.

Vacuform retainers

These retainers are created by taking a mold of your teeth, and then this mold is poured out to create clear, plastic retainers that are made in our office. These are thin, lightweight, and convenient, as they can be removed for eating or drinking.

Vivera retainers

Vivera retainers, developed by the same company behind Invisalign, are clear plastic trays worn directly over your teeth, and come in a set of four. They are similar to other plastic retainers, but Vivera retainers are made from strong therma-plastic. Your Vivera retainers are customized from digital impressions, so they fit perfectly. You do not need to have been an Invisalign patient to choose Vivera.


Ask us for guidance on which retainer is right for you and how to use your retainer properly! Some insurance companies allow you to use your flexible spending on retainers.